We are active in the St. John's and area business community and are committed to act with integrity and professionalism as we serve our plumbing and heating customers.

Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (NLCA)

The NLCA was founded in 1968 and is the professional association of contractors, builders

and suppliers engaged in the construction industry throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canadian Construction Association (CCA)

Established in 1918, the Canadian Construction Association's vision is to build Canada with

ethics, skills and responsibility. CCA is the national voice for the Canadian construction

industry and we are proud to be one of its 17,000 member firms from across Canada. 

COR (Certification of Recognition)

We are an accredited member of the COR™ Program, which is achieved by having

developed and implemented an industry-recognized, company-wide health and safety

management program.

Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Safety Association (NLCSA)

The NLCSA is an industry driven, not-for-profit corporation committed to providing safety

training and advisory services to the provincial construction association. As a member, we

committed to the safety of our staff and customers. 

Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber represents the economic and business interests in the Conception Bay Area. 

As a member of the business community for over 50 years, we are proud to be involved

with the Chamber as it promotes economic opportunity within the region. 

Downtown CBS Business AssociATION

We were a founding member of the Downtown CBS Business Association. The

organization was established to oversee the creation of a traditional downtown

in the Town of CBS. Located in the CBS community for over 50 years, Dawe's is

pleased to be a founding member.

Ronald McDonald House, Newfoundland & labrador

Ronald McDonald House is known world-wide for providing sick children and their

families with a comfortable home-away-from-home while seeking specialized healthcare.

The St. John's facility is located in close proximity to the Janeway Hospital and allows

families to stay together in an atmosphere of caring, compassion and support. Dawe's is

proud to support the organization as we provide ongoing, plumbing services to the facility. 

Impact Construction (formerly Train for Trades)

Choices for Youth works with hundreds of at-risk youth across the province. 

Impact Construction is their social enterprise that undertakes large- and small-

scale construction projects, and use these to provide youth with the training and experience necessary to transition to full-time employment. As an Advisor, we provide ongoing advice and assistance. 

Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC)

WRDC is a provincial non-profit organization committed to increasing women's

participation in trades and technology. As a founding member of the Steering

Committee for Advancing Women in Non-Traditional Occupations industry group,

our task was to provide advice and support to increase the participation of women in the trades. 




CHBA-NL Member of the Year

Three-time winner of the Town of CBS Bright Business Awards

Four-time winner of the CHBA-NL Sub-Trade of the Year BERG Award

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